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University Project - Gaia Theory

Being inspired by philosophical thinkers, I have found my interest in questioning our human nature, or the lack of it. This project pinpoints the idea of social constructs and ideologies and completely turns it upside down to the core of our human biology. Freedom from the Known by Jiddu Krishnamurti brings to the attention how being ‘conditioned’ to social expectations and constructs breaks the essence of unity, humanity and nature as one. This led to a visual response that connects us all on the most cellular level by revealing the similarities between our human cells, our Earth and the stars. The audio is recorded in such way that the viewer is introduced to a state of mind that distorts the normal perception of reality, sharing a fragment of experience by a stroke survivor J.B Taylor as she accesses the wonders of the right brain hemisphere whilst her left (the rational and identifying) side went offline.

All images are photographed through a microscope 

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